People are the very core of our company development.
Our human resources policy reflects the range of our network and the cultural diversity of the countries in which we do business.

Our expansion is motivating us to:


diversify our recruitment policy,
integrate staff quickly,
provide regular training,
develop skills,


Our recruitment policies are imputed to suit the particular features of every country and function. Accordingly, you will be interviewed by an operational division and by the human resources division


Our aim is to develop integration programs for each business line and function, to familiarize new recruits with Group organization and culture.


Bureau Veritas devotes substantial resources to training its workforce:


management training programs,
training cycles organized jointly with INSEAD,
specific technical courses for each Business Line,
in-house training.


Skills management and mobility
Our company offers career opportunities in 120 countries to ambitious and internationally minded recruits, in a wide range of sectors.


Information sharing and knowledge management.
Bureau Veritas makes every effort to develop experience sharing among our employees, by optimizing the use of new technologies.
Its journal BV World presents a proactive group focusing on its employees and its clients: regular items include news, Information technology, World focus…
International, gatherings and the development of high-level team synergies are among the strong points of the Bureau Veritas Group.

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